Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC), Portland, OR

Photo by Caitlin Harris.

826CHI, Chicago, IL

Photo courtesy of 826CHI.

Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation

Photo provided by Girl Up.

Youth in Focus, Seattle, WA

Photo provided by Youth in Focus.

The Dead Feminists Fund

Throughout the life of our series, we have donated a portion of our proceeds to nonprofits that align with the issues and causes we highlight with our broadsides. To celebrate the publication of our book, Dead Feminists: Historical Heroines in Living Color, we decided to give back on a higher level. In 2016 we inaugurated the Dead Feminists Fund. Thanks to the generous support of Sasquatch Books, a portion of book sales will also be contributed.

In honor of the power of women’s work, the Dead Feminists Fund supports nonprofits that empower girls and women to create change in their own communities. Like our book, funding is organized under a series of Action Verbs (“Make,” “Grow,” “Lead,” “Tell,” etc.), which translate to micro grant categories. Each year the Fund will support nonprofits with micro grants in one of our Action categories.

The Dead Feminists Fund is a component fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, which manages, administers and invests in over 400 charitable funds. This allows donations made directly to the Dead Feminists Fund to be tax-deductible, and provides the proper legal framework to protect both our donors and our grant recipients.

Every year we contribute a portion of our proceeds to the Dead Feminists Fund, and Sasquatch Books continues to contribute book royalties—so by supporting our work, your purchases also support the Fund. In addition, we contribute 100% of our Amazon Affiliate earnings, 100% of our speaking fees, and 100% of the proceeds of our lemonade journals. If you would like to contribute directly to the Dead Feminists Fund, you can make your tax-deductible donation here (scroll down to choose the Dead Feminists Fund from the alphabetical list).


Here is a list of the nonprofit organizations we have supported to date:

About Face
Anti-Defamation League
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Demand a Plan
Girl Up
Girls Boat Project
Independent Publishing Resource Center
Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Oasis Youth Center
Peace Winds
Rainbow Center
R.R. Moton Civil Rights Museum
Take Back the Night
Washington State Library
Women’s Sports Foundation
Youth in Focus